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including: Asbestos Surveys, Asbestos Works, Land Remediation & Soft Strip / Demolition

Land Remediation

Land Remediation

Oakmere Contract Services remove Hazardous Substances contaminated land both from the ground and surface. We work closely with our clients and third party contractors to identify the most suitable land remediation measures for their site, which may consist of capping, excavation, soil washing or mechanical screening of contaminated soil.

For us, a land remediation project is not just about cleaning the contaminated land and water through a variety of hi-tech procedures or the extraction of contaminated material. We understand that the preparation of a site for development needs to offer our clients the best value for money whilst at the same time satisfying local regulators.

Our Contaminated Site Management teams offer the following services:

  • Initial assessment of impacted land to aid developers at bid stage and with regulatory engagement.
  • Identification of suitable land remediation measures
  • Careful monitoring to ensure Hazardous Substance exposure level is not exceeded
  • Segregation and safe disposal of Hazardous Substances
  • Ensuring compliance with legislative and environmental requirements

Oakmere are able to cover all aspects of the regeneration solution, ensuring that the demolition, remediation, ground improvements and foundation solutions are all controlled within one single package.